Hot water soluble packaging

Dissolves in water at controlled temperatures typically between 40 - 70 deg (celsius).

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Mitigates OH&S risks by eliminating exposure to team members, as well as reducing negative impacts on the environment.

Water Soluble Cytotoxic Laundry Bag

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Soil compostable packaging

Composts naturally in any soil condition , within six months from the time of disposal.

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Case study | NSW Healthshare Linen Services

Water soluble cytotoxic laundry bags

Client problem: Previous to the Cytotoxic Laundry Bag, nurses in the Oncology ward would manage Cytotoxic Linen* in the same manner as linen used throughout the hospital or the linen would be incinerated. Nurses and laundry team were exposed to the Cytotoxic residue that was left on the linen. This caused an OHS Risk.

Solution: Water soluble laundry bags.

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