At Zero Pac, our Vision is to deliver Zero Waste Solutions.  Our friendly team does this by working with our customers and suppliers to deliver innovative and environmentally sustainable packaging solutions – on-time and on-budget.  

We realise that achieving our vision is a journey we are still travelling.

There are some products in our range for which there are no alternative material options, and for others, industry protocols (such as in Healthcare) or lack of recycling facilities mean items will be sent for incineration or landfill at the end of their lives.

The good news however, is that alternative materials are being developed and for which we are the sole distributors in Australia. These include water soluble bags and barrier film, recyclable paper barrier coatings as well as flushable (water soluble) fibres and nonwovens.

We’d love to show these new products to you and share how they can help you reduce your plastic pollution. Please ask for samples or contact us to arrange a trial.

Contact our friendly team to book a Free Waste Audit today. 

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David Beaver – Zero Pac

DAVID BEAVER - Director Zero Pac