Make the switch to water-soluble!
Water-soluble products give you the advantages of plastics without the disposal downsides - you can safely dissolve them away in hot water. Zero Pac's water-soluble products are made from Hydropol, a material that acts like plastic but safely dissolves in hot water, leaving no impact on the environment.
Our water soluble products give all the benefits of plastic:
Dissolve in hot water to dispose of safely. When completely dissolved there are no microplastics left. 3x stronger than traditional plastic bags made from LDPE and 7x stronger than starch-bsed alginate bags Protects against pathogens, oxygen, CO2, oil and grease They are printable (without corona treatment) and sealable. Hydropol has no shelf-life
Cytotoxic laundry bags
Keep Health and Laundry staff safe! Barrier against infectious materials. Prevents linen from incineration. Saves handling and machine cleaning costs.
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Food waste bags
Minimise bin cleaning costs. Contributes to clean energy and nutrient-rich fertilizer yields in anaerobic digestion plants.
Carrier and produce bags
Allows consumers to dispose safely at home in hot water. Multiple reuse. Protects against fat and grease leakages.

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Water Soluble Cytotoxic Laundry Bag
NSW Health are using water-soluble laundry bags to mitigate OH&S risks
– by eliminating exposure to team members